Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Hi everyone, I thought I would take this moment to introduce myself. My name is Siobhan. I'm a thrifting addict and an amatuer foodie. I recently realized that living in the hudson valley is an especially beneficial place to live for bringing these hobbies to fruition. I thought sharing these experiences would be a healthy outlet for this obsession and could possibly benefit these local businesses I love so much. So please enjoy.

These photos are from early fall, when i went apple/raspberry picking with Katie and Emily. Oh and of course Nico at Greig Farm

Some of my other hobbies which will most likely be shared at one point or another on this blog include, knitting, hiking, cuddling with my dog (Nico Bella), cooking.

The Infamous, Nico Bella, my little lady.

 Poets Walk - Rhinebeck, NY

JR(my boyfriend, whom i live with) and I live Kingston NY down on the Rondout, which is a part of the hudson valley area that i have always admired. 
This is mine and JR's living room right after we moved in. There have been a few changes since, but you know i thought i would share, since I'm introducing myself.  

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