Sunday, November 25, 2012


So I've been cleaning and organizing my home, getting rid of things and bringing in more functional, space efficient pieces of furniture and utilizing what we have. 

Currently I have been tackling my desk, which is never used as a desk, and pretty much only used to put stuff on top of. 

So I'm thinking about piecing together something like this from manhattan nest. Tomorrow I'm going to albany with this in mind and hoping to find some pieces. When I get excited about stuff like this though I always wanna do something immediately which I can't. So i was looking on craigslist and ikea and I saw this little guy. So im feeling really inspired and it will probably take me about a month to get it all done. However, if I'm honest with myself it probably won't get done till after december holidays and birthdays and all. 

I've been doing a lot of organizing lately hense the desk purge. here are some other pictures of how I've been keeping busy.

Organized the crazy woodpile 

made a little kindling and newspaper box

moved my money tree to the kitchen/dining room (love the new location) 

Iyla finally moved to brooklyn ::insert sad face:: the best roomate ever! so JR and I have been panicing about finding a new roomate and Allie is moving in, in january. but what will we do for december! i think if i dress the room up all nice maybe i can rent it out for weekeners? until january?! I'm not sure the other solution is renting to michele for the month of december, but its still up in the air :o/

thats whats up in my house I'll give you guys a tour of my excursion tomorrow of the warehouse/antique stores in albany. I'm excited! 

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