Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wishful Wednesday (Day-late)

So on december tenth i became unemployed, but only for one month. So I  just so happen to be starting a blog on thrift shopping while im not thrift shopping so much because I'm very very broke. However, hopefully this little problem won't inhibit me too much. So I thought i would share a list of things im currently looking for when i go thrifting.  I usually have something in the back of my mind that im looking for when i go thrifting, and usually i find those things, eventually. 

Shoe Rack, as mine and JR's shoe collection is rapidly increasing, (honestly him more than I) I actually found one the other day at Salvo ( Salvation Army)

A Cork Board, to go above my desk in the craft room (which you guys will eventually see). I actually found on of these today at Salvo today. %50 off, so i think it was $2

I know i will never find these while thrifting but perhaps i can find something like it, these are just beautiful dr. Martens. 

A leather jacket, old school punk rock style. 

I think this is a brilliant idea for a terrarium. I started collecting big glass fish bowls when we first moved into our house and rescued some cute little cacti and beautiful fern and planted them in these fish bowls and they look awesome. so i always look in the kitchen wares section of thrift stores and look for creatively shaped glass pieces to plant plants in. 

 This is a beautiful hood scarf, This inspired me to knit the scarf in the picture below which i finally finished last night. took a whole double skein of thick and thin yarn from my favorite yarn spot The Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Co. and honestly i wish i had bought more to make it a wee bit longer and wider. 



One trend that hasn't passed quite yet for me is the peter pan collar, I've been obsessing over  almost any blouse with a peter pan collar and buying them up, when i find them. I love this beautiful lace one.

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