Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall has come and gone and winter is well underway.

 I'm in the process of
1. trying to find a roommate
2. trying to buy/make xmas/chanukah/birthday with out going broke
3. trying to start a small business i can call my own
4. also of course challenging myself with new weekly recipes to experiment with 

Last week i made pickled curried onions. Which came out awesome, so this week i decided to make pickled brussel sprouts (Also known as frog balls). the pickled onions were much easier to do, you just kinda sauteed the onions in the ingredients you wanted i measured out the vinegar and it ended up not being enough so i added water to dilute it a little bit.

 I used 
Apple cider vinegar
white vinegar and umi plum vinegar, 
mustard seed, 
a bay leaf,
hot pepper,
garlic and carrots sliced thinly they make everything better. my favorite thing that ive made with them so far are kale and white bean quesadillas so good. 

the brussel sprouts were more daunting at first because they actually have to pickle and there are way more rules that come with that territory like sterilizing and making a brind, i just eye-balled it again. this is a 32oz mason jar, yes the big guy, but hes all filled up and i used the same ingredients as with the pickled onions except i didn't use curry i used cumin and salt, no sugar, and you also have to blanch the brussel sprouts. I'll let you know how they turn out.

in other news my roommate Iyla, my number one cooking pal, has moved to the city. She is missed much and now i dont have anyone to experiment weird gluten free recipes on like this one. Zuccini pizza pie. using only the ingredients inthe house we were able to stifle Iylas pizza cravings with this incredibly satisfying, gluten free, vegetarian zuccini pie pizza, that for some odd reason tasted like peperoni. it was amazing. 

Recipe: (serves about 4)
two zuccinis shredded
mix with unsweetened apple sauce, (one individual serving size)
grated parmesian, (a handful)
gluten free buckwheat flour (a sprinkle)
lay in a pan (that can go in the oven) with a good layer of olive oil fry like this for about 15-30 min
then pop in the over for another 15-30 minutes- depending on how thick you've made it.
when the top starts to look golden take it out and
smother tomato sauce,
parmesian and fresh mozzarella
and we put kalamata olives on it
broil for 10-15 minutes
and then removes once the cheese starts to get golden on top
serve and enjoy

apparently all i do these days is cook, clean and knit so if you've lost intrest in this blog i don't blame you, but some day i will get it together and this blog will be awesome! so don't fret and check in every now and then. 

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