Friday, March 2, 2012


Woah its been a while and i have back posts that i still haven't posted, but I just had to share my latest purchase. 

I just bought 3 dozen cupcakes from JJ's Rocking Cupcakes in kingston. Don't be alarmed i havent gone off the deep end, and decided to lock myself in my room and gorge myself on cupcakes, rather it is my mothers 50th birthday and she oooOOOoo-ed and Aaaahhhh-ed at this picture of the Muppet Cupcakes when it made its way around facebook. So i thought it would be a good birthday present and addition to the brunch

Some of the flavors i ordered include:

Because it is going to be my mothers big italian family

Because my mother LOOOVES carrot cake

because my mom looooves chocolate covered pretzels

because its Brunch

Some of the other flavors i got were pumpkin spice, chocolate peanut butter explosion & coco monkey. I will do my best to report back to all of you and let you know how every one of these cupcakes are. 

enjoy your weekend!

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